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blog iconNCC Group provides information assurance services to 15,000 organizations worldwide.

Through an unrivaled range of services, we provide organizations across the world with freedom from doubt that their most important assets are protected
and operating as they should be at all times.

With our knowledge, experience, capability and global footprint we are committed to ensuring that organizations have access to a total information assurance solution that works for them.

This assurance is delivered through the following complementary services.

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Software Escrow & Verification

NCC Group’s escrow and verification services assure the long-term availability of your mission critical applications, whether held on premise or in the cloud. We work with all parties involved in the development, supply and use of these applications, assuring that the source code and data are accessible and can be rebuilt if required.

Protect your business with NCC Group

  • One of the world's leading software escrow providers
  • 15,000 clients worldwide
  • In house legal & technical experts
  • Global network of offices & secure storage
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Security Consultancy & Research

NCC Group is a global provider of information security. With the world's largest security testing team, we offer a unique set of skills, expertise and services, unmatched across the world.

Protect your business with NCC Group

  • Security experts - unrivaled experience and deep expertise
  • Trusted advisors to discover & mitigate breaches
  • Leading provider of Application, Mobile and Infrastructure Security
  • Expert Research & Forensics Incident Response teams

In the US our Security Consulting services are delivered by the following NCC Group brands, please contact us for further information on the link of your choice.

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Domain Services

Through our range of Domain Services we are helping to create a safer and more trustworthy internet for all with the highest level of security and reliability.

Protect your business with NCC Group

  • Unique .trust top level domain service
  • Continual monitoring service & internet security experts
  • Making the internet a safer place
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