Total Information Assurance

Our Software Escrow, Software Verification & SaaS Assured solutions are designed to assist any organization that develops, supplies or uses software applications and technology.

We provide total assurance that you are protected by securing the long term availability of mission critical software and applications.

Organizations worldwide rely on us for:

  • Responsive and efficient services
  • Industry expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent reputation

We are trusted advisors

In today’s technology led professional world, technology escrow services and the verification of the escrow materials have become more important. As one of the world’s largest and most trusted escrow agents, our services and expertise provide our clients freedom from doubt in technology transactions.

  • “One of the world’s largest and most experienced escrow providers”
  • “Global presence with vaults in seven countries and clients in 45 countries”
  • “Verification testing done on every escrow deposit as part of our standard service”
  • “Flexible and reasonable approaches to your agreement terms”
  • “Thought leadership through panels, published articles and conference engagements ”
  • “Innovative services for enterprise, SaaS and IaaS licensing models”
  • “NCC Group has its own in-house verification and technical experts”

About NCC Group

NCC Group (formerly Escrow Associates) is one of the world’s leading software escrow providers, protecting over 15,000 clients worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies and top law firms.

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